About VeryT

At VeryT we believe in helping people become the best, truest version of themselves. To help them achieve the most possible out of their professional and personal lives. We do this through our self-development and self-improvement training programmes that we deliver in an authentic, accessible and empowering way.

Authentic: Become more self-aware, gain a greater understanding of how your mind works and use that knowledge to unlock your full potential.

Accessible: We use plain English. We won’t confuse you with technical terminology.

Empowering: How we deliver focuses on you as an individual, even in a group setting. You will walk away from our training with the confidence to apply the new skills and tools you have learned in a way that is relevant to your own personal and/or professional life.

About Julie

Julie really ‘gets’ people. She is someone who brightens a room, inspiring and energising everyone she meets to be the absolute best they can.

Wanting to build on her successes as an NLP trainer, Julie started to explore other ways to help others improve and develop. She is now trained in Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy and is a Certified DiSC and Reiki practitioner. Julie’s pragmatic people focused approach also sits at the heart of the outsourced HR consultancy services that she delivers through VeryT’s sister company, VeryHR.

"How to summarise it in a couple of sentences? I've taken away a huge boost in my confidence thanks to reflection on my own journey, and I have found a set of tools which will enable me to approach professional and personal relationships with a more empowered perspective. I feel like someone has unscrewed the top of my head, given my thinking a good clean, and sent me out with my eyes open. It's a great feeling."

What We Offer
We offer a range of programmes that can be delivered to members of the public or tailor made for corporate teams. This includes our highly successful NLP practitioner course as well as a range of newer programmes.

  • NLP Certified Practitioner Course
  • Add-on Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis certified qualification
  • DiSC Authorized partner – DiSC Trainer
  • Mindfulness
  • How to get what you want workshop
  • Reiki certified Practitioner course

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Powerful Strategies
Retrain your mind, eradicate personal sticking points and learn to communicate better.

Proven Results
Join a growing number of exceptional people taking the lead on their self development.

The Winning Code
The most powerful strategies from many of the most successful specialists condensed for you.

Maximised Productivity
​Learn to do more and get more with far less than you ever thought possible. We have sorted the wheat from the chaff providing the right material for you.