I Wish I Was More Like My Dad

On the positive side of things, though, I find it extremely empowering to realise that within me I already have a whole palette of skills and abilities that I can just effortlessly unleash. It is about maybe starting to think, how would my father react in this situation? How would that friend you admire react in this situation? It is about being consciously aware of what you are doing in that moment and trying something different, something new. And if it works, do it again. If it does not, simply let it go. 

Finding the Right HR Partner

When you’re looking for an HR partner, someone who will assist you, guide you, partner with you, and support you in enhancing your business, it is critical that you understand the need for certain qualities in that person to ensure that they will not only drive your culture, but will also contribute to bringing your business to the next level.

Having Children

​I am unique, my family is unique, and my business is unique. Being a mom has its own challenges, and that has shaped the businesses that I run. I am proud to be a mompreneur. To not work 9-5. To celebrate my successes with a cup of tea and a brownie at 4 o’clock after school time. I’m proud of being there for my children as well as being present and full of personality for all of my clients.

What’s Driving You?

And some of us, just like I’ve done before, will take a leap. Some of us will realize that those moments when you are blocked, when you are full of fear, are moments that are your biggest opportunities. As I’ve said, I’ve taken many leaps, and I leap every single day. Every single chance that I get. I tell myself, I will take this leap. I will take a leap of faith in myself.

The Bully

When I relate back to the bullies that I have met, I realize that these bullies don’t think that there is anything wrong with what they’re doing. The fact that other people do not understand them is their issue. Bullies tend to draw a circle around themselves, creating a gap between themselves and others. Bullies are often passionate, they have a mission. And some people will say that they’re on a warpath. That they don’t care about finer intricacies like social relationships as much as they care about getting results.

What NLP Did for Me!

NLP has enabled me to understand the way that I function. Understand the deep-rooted cause behind the way I think. It has enabled me to understand others better and to work through and with other individuals. I thrive on making an impact wherever I go. Inspiring others to be themselves and reconnect with who they are so they in turn can make the world a better place.

How to be the Office Hero

I think in business, as well as in training, followers have a deep intrinsic value in how businesses are and should be led. Followers are those that will calm you, that will hold you accountable, and that will truly care and uphold a business or a message for what it is and what it needs to be. My followers are incredible in their courage. In their stance and in their feedback and consistent in the relationship that they have with me and my business. I am not always a leader.

Having the Right Mindset to Start Your Own Business

I strongly believe that anyone and everyone can achieve what they want in life.  I am simply a product of my passion and my drive to unleash potential in the workplace and outside.  My passion to make this world a better place and to enable each and every one of us to succeed in being the best version of themselves.

The Reality of Being a Supermum

Well, as I was looking around my living room earlier this morning, I asked myself: Did I envy those who had more of a 9-5 job? A role in a corporate establishment where their job was somewhat secure and (easy)? I had just left my eldest at school whilst my youngest was still yearning for my attention my to do list was expanding in my head. My living room was a complete mess and I started asking myself: How on earth will I manage to get through this day? 

This Girl is on Fire

A while back I did an incredible amount of work relating to what I wanted in life.  As part of that work, I worked out what I believed was my overall purpose.  That purpose is to be a great and inspiring mother as well as a great and inspiring business owner and trainer so that I could actively contribute to what is going on in this world.

Have the Courage to be Honest

How are you? Now there’s a question. Genuinely, I’m asking, how are you?  This very common question is not often used in a genuine way.  Today I really want you to sit down and think, how are you?  How is your life at home?  At work?  How is your health?  How are your career aspirations?  

Getting It Wrong – The Science Of Getting It Right

Do we need failure to succeed? Actually, we do. Failure is what allows you to stand up and learn from what has happened. Instead of beating yourself up a more productive approach is to gently remind yourself that you are not perfect. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a potential client only two days ago. When we were discussing how life tended to throw things at you and make you doubt your self-belief. My response to my client threw her sideways.

What I Have Learned From Being Shortlisted as Female Entrepreneur of The Year

I realised that my journey is not over yet. It is only just beginning. An award is there to celebrate outstanding accomplishments. Most of which are still to come in my case. Surely I was shortlisted for my passion, my drive, relentlessness and passion. There is no doubt about that. My desire to make the world and my community a better place.

Oh No Not Again! – Staff Appraisals

The way to really view staff appraisals is to have a fluid approach. To really understand the value of sitting down for a minimum of an hour with your staff, to have a good in-depth conversation as to how the individual is doing within the business. Where is the business going? How will the individual contribute actively to the business? Now whatever tool you want to be using to document the appraisal is entirely up to you. That is your decision, tailored by you as a business owner.

The Power of Me!

I truly believe that each and every one of us has the ability, if not the intent, of moving mountains, breaking boundaries and reaching for the stars and beyond. Everything you see is created just by thought. Thought is what we have within us. It is what makes us different from other species on the planet. That’s magical, right?

My Business Does Not Define Me!

I’m not just about HR. I am a person too. I am Julie! I believe that as a HR professional, I bring something unique to the table. I bring my personality, I bring my vibrancy, I bring my conviction and I bring my passion. Yes, I also bring my knowledge and best practice experience. I bring these additions into all businesses that I work with.

There’s Only One Way. The VeryHR Way!

VeryHR in its early stages has always believed in enabling business managers, enabling teams, enabling individuals to realise their true potential. So, I am extremely proud of the way the company has taken shape over the last four years.

I Love The Work You Do

The word ‘love’ seems to be banned in the corporate world. This is something that has always made me raise my eyebrows. In an environment where using swear words, using threats, putting pressure on somebody else is close to being accepted.

Are You Ready For Your Toughest Challenge Yet?

Well done. You’ve already got a lot to thank yourself for already.

All those milestones you have reached, all the goals you have over exceeded and the life that you have achieved today. It probably hasn’t been easy but you got there and that’s something to be thankful for.

Gratefulness in Business

Gratitude goes a long way.  In our experience, when holding exit interviews, over 45% of employees leave because they do not feel appreciated or recognised.  The remainder will leave for lack of career prospects or poor management.

In terms of being grateful to your workforce, consider these 5 things…