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DiSC Workshop – Become a DiSC Trainer

Novotel Reading Centre, 25B Friar Street, RG1 1DP Reading, England


  • Full day with highly experienced trainer
  • Access to manuals
  • 2 DiSC Profiles (Every day DiSC + additional profile of your choosing)
  • Access to raise your own profiles post satisfactory attendance to the course

Gain instant access to raising your own profiles upon successful completion of the course.Is this course for me?

  • YES, if you currently manage a team and want to it to deliver at the highest level

Learn how to:

  • Describe and use DiSC profiling results in the context of coaching and developing others
  • Deliver a half day team session
  • Coach for effectiveness
  • Powerful training and presentation techniques to further engage clients

Corporate tailored team, leadership, culture and sales session available upon request

9am – 4.30pm, 5th March9am – 4.30pm, 9th April9am – 4.30pm, 6th August9am – 4.30pm, 8th October

Pre-Book Online – 598.80 GBP (inc VAT)30% off if booked within the next 3 weeks!

Use discount code SAVE30

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I completed my DiSC Facilitators course with Julie Provino last year. I found the course content, delivery and follow up support outstanding. Since successfully completing the course I have been able to use DiSC with Professional Sports teams, Olympic Champions & high end sales teams including a luxury yacht & jet company. I can not recommend Julie and her team highly enough!

Get What You Want Workshop

Novotel Reading Centre, 25B Friar Street, RG1 1DP Reading, England

Reviewing the tools and techniques on making your future your own + free complimentary book.

Includes:– Copies of “How to get what you want” book and journal- Full day with experience author and trainer- 3 and 6 months follow up with trainerIs this course for me?YES, if you want to learn how to achieve your goals and become the best version of you, but don’t have the time to commit to a longer courseLearn how to:– Understand your mind and how to achieve your goals- Write and work on goals effectively to blend them in your daily life- Bring mindfulness/meditation to give you space to achieve more of what you want- Tools and techniques to enhance your authentic self

9am – 4.30pm on…

6th March10th March28th April18th June7th August9th October11th December

Pre-Book Online – 250 GBP (inc VAT)30% off if booked within the next 3 weeks!

Use discount code SAVE30

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Empower Your Future – NLP Certificate (ABNLP)

Novotel Reading Centre, 25B Friar Street, RG1 1DP Reading, England


  • 5-day face to face training
  • Access to online database with state of the art videos and recordings allowing you to pace your learning
  • 1-1 follow up with our trainer coach after 3 and 6 months following the course
  • Full ABNLP certification

Is this course for me?

  • YES, if you have reached a plateau in your professional and/or personal life and are struggling to find a way forward.

Learn how to:

  • Empower yourself and your future
  • Become a master communicator
  • Gain the confidence to propel your career forward
  • Work with and through others to attain powerful positive results

‘The passion these guys have for the subject matter is phenomenal, and ensures their delivery of the program is insightful and very effective. The team has a wonderful gift for talking through questions with students to ensure understanding, and sharing personal experiences from their journeys to illuminate their points.’ Rob Dunford, graduate of the NLP Practitioner Course

12th – 18th March11th – 13th and 18th-19th May20th – 26th August3rd – 9th December

Pre-Book Online – 1,440 GBP (inc VAT)30% off if booked within the next 3 weeks!

Use discount code SAVE30

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Mindfulness 8 Week Practitioner Course

We will be meeting at the office on 33 King’s Road in Reading

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training. This 8 weeks program will provide you with an in depth overview of what practices are available, how it works as well as give you practical tools to apply in daily lifeWhat will I get from this program?​In addition to expert tuition and hands on practice, participants enjoying the full 8 week program will receive a handbook to keep.Mindfulness practice is available to everyone, can be achieved at anytime and provides an incredible amount of results after some amount of regular practice – to name but a few, lowers stress levels, increases productivity and creativity, refreshes the mind and body connection…


  • 8 weeks Mindfulness manual
  • Daily Mindfulness quotes to keep you on track
  • 1-1 support from your trainer via email and phone
  • Access to Mindfulness recordings
  • Weekly 1-hour lunchtime session

Is this course for me?

YES, if you are experiencing stress and overwhelm to a level that it is impacting on your day to day life and stopping you living the life you truly want.

Learn how to:

  • Understand mindfulness and its benefits
  • Incorporate mindfulness to your day to day
  • Find a deeper sense of self to carry forward
  • Instantly relax and let go of what is stopping us from achieving our dreams

Corporate sessions available on request. Corporate rates may vary

8 weeks, every Monday from:16th April – 11th June10th September – 5th Novemberat 12.30pm – 1.30pm

​​​Pre-Book Online – 150 GBP (inc VAT)

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Reiki Practitioner Level 1 – 2 day weekend course

Reading, UK. Address TBC

This 2 day course will give an introduction to the philosophy , history, and theory of Reiki, and includes many practical exercises to boost the confidence of the students to use Reiki.

At the end of the course, students will feel the flow of Reiki, and be able to give treatments to family and friends, as well as using it for themselves – for healing and personal development.

The courses are taught in a relaxed and personal style, with plenty of time for questions, and to get to know the other students.

It is always an amazing moment when students give their first treatment to a fellow student – and receive the feed back that it works!


  • Reiki practitioner training at your desired location
  • Full consultation with Reiki Master Trainer prior and post course
  • Reiki practitioner manual and toolkit

Is this course for me?

YES, if you are interested in a physical more hands on approach to reducing stress and tension and achieving your goals.

Learn how to:

  • Describe and in depth understanding of what is Reiki
  • Provide Self-healing to you and your loved ones
  • Channel Reiki energy around you
  • Clear blockages
  • Understand the power of your Chakras
  • Learn to meditate and flow

Dates and times available upon request

Pre-Book Online – 99 GBP (inc VAT)

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“I first met Julie in March 2017 on the Reiki Master Teacher Course.

Julie is a warm, open, genuine and a down to earth person.  

She is skilled in her practice of NLP and Reiki and holds a wealth of practical information and techniques to support her teaching style.

Julie is knowledgeable and intuitive which makes learning so much more of enjoyable experience.”

Residential NLP Trainings

Being Human Today

Oulton House Farm, Staffordshire

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the science of changing limiting beliefs and behaviours that stop you from doing and being what you want. It is the study of how we do what we do and how we can change that for the better. Our 1-Day Diploma will give you an insight into:

  • The History of NLP – Who developed it and where the concepts came from
  • How NLP can be used in, Education, Business, Sport, Therapy and Personal Development
  • How to build Rapport and why it is so important
  • The NLP communication model, (how we represent our experiences to ourselves and how this impacts on your communication and relationships with others)

The application of NLP to help with:

  • Confidence
  • Performance
  • Phobias
  • Negative emotional states
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • ………and much more…..

The Diploma Day is a fun and inexpensive way to start your NLP journey.

You really do have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

13th – 20th April5th – 12th October

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