One of my earliest childhood memories is around what I wanted to be when I grew up. Nowadays, I will more often than not introduce myself as Julie, and I work in HR. This points out an interesting thing in terms of how we, as human BEINGS will always define ourselves as human DOINGs.

What will you be doing when you grow up? How do you do? In an environment where to do lists and action plans are rife, have we forgotten simply how to be?

Have you ever wondered, and I know you have, how life would be without screens…how it was. How would it be if you finally put your best resolutions forward, decided to be your potential. Achieve your biggest dreams. We all can. If some of the “celebrities out there” can achieve fame and fortune others be at their peak performance as athletes and so one, why can’t you? We are all made the same, we all think and act the same.

The only difference is how we decide, choose, to live our lives.

I chose to live mine…most days ;-). I choose me.