How are you?

Now there’s a question. Genuinely, I’m asking, how are you? This very common question is not often used in a genuine way. Today I really want you to sit down and think, how are you? How is your life at home? At work? How is your health? How are your career aspirations? What is your destination? How are you?

Be Brave

It takes a lot of courage to simply raise your hand and say, ‘Do you know what things could be improved in….areas of my life’. It is much easier to say, ‘Yes I’m fine thank you very much’ and keep smiling. It’s very easy these days to show this front, to show what I call your social media front, your Facebook face. Whereas humanity is not what we like to portray on a day to day basis. I’ve honestly been shocked by the amount of (fake news) on social media pages. People who demonstrate the power of ‘having it all’, the ability to smile regardless of the challenges. Well do you know what? Life is not that easy, I think one of the most courageous things that we can do in this period of intro-reflection is be honest! Be honest, especially with yourselves. That’s probably the hardest thing to do.

How are you really?

So, take the time to look deep inside and assess where you are at and link that to who you are. We all have many desires, we have a thousand and one things to be thankful for. It’s important to acknowledge these in a grateful way. To seek from within and be genuine and authentic with ourselves.

So, for this morning or this afternoon or even for this evening, whenever you are reading this. Ask yourself ‘How are you?’ and give yourself an honest answer.