Now this blog is potentially dedicated to someone who is very close to me in terms of business. Having children has significantly changed my life. It’s changed the way I think and the way that I run my own business. I’m proud to be what I like to call a “mompreneur”. I’ve taken the decision to step out of the corporate world, have my own mark, and make my own position in the world. And this was pretty much triggered by having my first child.

When I thought about having children in the past, I pretty much thought that I’d just go back into the workplace, strap my child to my back, and live in full motherhood bliss. Well, the truth is that when my son arrived, life couldn’t have been anymore different. I was hormonal, sleep-deprived, and stressed from not knowing who I was anymore. And it took time to rebuild the person that I am today.

With the birth of my second daughter, I thought that I had it all figured out. My business was thriving, and this time, things were going to be different. Oh, how much I’ve learned from having both of my children. My first taught me patience. Taught me that I could manage my life around what excites me the most. Taught me that life simply does not end there. It begins each and every day.

It’s a promise to myself as well as a promise to my family.

My second child taught me about opportunity. She taught me how being different and unique is one of the most precious treasures that I can have as an individual. How I can actively contribute to the collective while still being me. Not following norms, but being unique and embracing that.

I am unique, my family is unique, and my business is unique. Being a mom has its own challenges, and that has shaped the businesses that I run. I am proud to be a mompreneur. To not work 9-5. To celebrate my successes with a cup of tea and a brownie at 4 o’clock after school time. I’m proud of being there for my children as well as being present and full of personality for all of my clients.

I’m proud because I live. I am part of this life, I am present. Mindful. I’m proud because I an unique, I am passionate, and engaged in everything that I do. It takes a lot of practice, but I can get what I want.

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