First of all you may wonder what on earth is NLP. You may have heard this acronym several times already without paying much attention to it. You may even have googled its meaning and decided to simply park it for now – or you may already have an inkling as to how understanding, practicing and living the NLP way will have a significant impact on who you are as an individual, how you relate to others and its true potential for our community.

Did you know that most of the politicians, the media, advertising use NLP techniques on a regular basis. Their understanding of powerful language patterns, the use of anchoring at the right time and the art of being master communicators is something that we can all learn. Understanding the techniques has helped me, and will help you to get a better understanding of the world we live in.

If this isn’t enough already, let me tell you more about what NLP brings:

NLP is a trail of techniques – so it definitely can be learned (and I would be delighted to meet you on one of my programs and share some of these with you). Modelling techniques have been used since the twenties to mirror some of the greatest communicators, therapists and simply people experts – which in turn makes it possible to expand know how across the world. In my view, modelling, creating more models, adding additional techniques will definitely continue for decades if not centuries to come.

NLP is an art – and with that comes practice. And it’s so easy to practice your NLP know how. I’ve personally spent a lot of time in the work place observing and carefully listening to people, I’ve also spent time observing my loved ones – then I started (and continue) noticing patterns on TV, in articles, videos and so on…and the more you notice and use that curiosity of yours, the more you learn. Then I’ve started using what I have learned…always with a smile…NLP is so easy and delivers real results. You will be amazed

NLP is a philosophy – or to make it simpler, it’s a way of living. It’s a way of viewing your world. Like in Alice in Wonderland, or more recently in the Matrix – once you have chosen this way of life, you never go back. The first thing we learn in NLP practitioner and master practitioner courses is the presuppositions of NLP. The more you live your life with these presuppositions in mind, with an awareness of the cause and effect principle, the more empowering life simply becomes.

Sometimes I wish that the founders of NLP had found a more exciting name for their art/methodology – something that would have been most understood by everyone so that we can all benefit from the goodness that NLP brings….To me, in just a few words, NLP changed my life…everyone who has been trained in NLP will say the same. I own my own destiny….do you own yours?